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Adobe AIR tour After Glow – do not miss the train again !!!

Early this year, the on AIR Tour toured through eleven European cities including Amsterdam and Brussels. These new sessions enable anyone to learn how to bring web applications to the desktop with Adobe® AIR™. Don’t miss this train!

For who?

The on AIR Tour is suitable for every web developer who works with Flash®, Flex™, HTML, Javascript, PHP or ColdFusion®.


12:30: Reception
13:00: Introduction to Adobe AIR
13:30: Creating AIR applications
14:30: Intermission
14:45: Building an Adobe AIR application (Live Demo)
15:30: Distributing and updating AIR applications
16:30: Q & A, networking and drinks

The first part of the session will be dedicated to theory. During the second part of the session this theory will be put into practice.
Adobe platform evangelist Serge Jespers will be the speaker during these sessions.

Cu there folks !!


Flash on the beach early bird tickets: 1 day left !!

Flash on THE BEACH will ROCK !!

Just a quick reminder folks that the early bird ticket price is ending Friday June 27th. After June 27th, prices go to Standard Pricing. Time is flying by! It only seems like a few days ago that  FOTB08 was announced!  If you have been procrastinating, deliberating or putting it off until the last minute, don’t wait any longer!

“The world’s best web designers, developers, artists, networkers, go-getters, agencies, movers and shakers will all be there!”.

You can get your tickets here: flash on the beach tickets

Hope to see you all there folks!

Clone Stamp Tool Art with Flash CS3

While I was last minute preparing my session for Flashbelt (tomorrow afternoon) in the Flashbelt hotel loby at Minneapolis today I started building a clone stamp tool in Flash. The concept is the same as you know from Photoshop. But afterwards I was thinking  to misuse (+?) it to create some generative art thingy with it.

The clone stamp lives his own way and takes place at a random position on an image, the size of the stamp is also random. The stamp copies the image data and places it on another place within in the same source image. I choose to describe a circle shape for the stamp to make it more interesting.

After running the algorythm several minutes this is what I came up with :

Roses series untitled 01:


Roses series untitled 02:


I will work a bit more on the algorythm and will post the code of the circle clone stamp tool later on when it is a bit less messy 🙂 .

Let me know what you think about the result and if you are at Flashbelt here in Minneapolis stop by tomorow during my session titled “Play With Pixels” where I will also explain a bit more about this experiment.