FITC Amsterdam 2011 was great!

I was very happy when Shawn Pucknell asked me to do a session at FITC Amsterdam half a year ago. It was already 2 years ago that I spoke at FITC so I was more then ready for it !!

So last monday we left Belgium driving to Amsterdam (2.5 h drive) for another  great FITC event !

We we arrived at the venue to do some tech testing on Monday, the first thing that I realised was that the venue was really really big if I compare it to the previous venue from last years! Maybe the new venue is just a little bit tooo big …

But as always at FITC events, the atmosphere is really crazy and the fun at the parties is great ! This year I also hang out a lot in the brand new Influxis voodoo lounge which had a lot of very cool sessions aaaand FREE Beers 🙂

On Tuesday around noon, I did a duo session with my Happy Banana partner Wouter Verweirder and we decided to do a talk about the interaction possibilities that the Flash Platform has to offer. Because we both had a lot of client work to do last weeks, we still had to really finalize the demos of our presentation the weekend before the conference and actually also the night before the presentation (actually we didn’t sleep at all the night before).

We wanted to tell a story that gives an overview of the different input methods for a Flash Platform project; going from sound, to camera, images, to mobile devices as controllers  and also MS Kinect.

Some Kinect demos of our presentation were filmed by @_Driezzz and it gives you and idea how much fun we had during the session ! For this demos we used AS code to combine  AS3TUIO with OSCeleton, so we can translate skeleton joint information and use skeleton joins as touch points. This way, you can use the standard multitouch events. This code is ready for you to be downloaded at wouter’s blog if you want to try it out yourself: . Let us know if do something cool with it 🙂

Here is the presentation of the session :

FITC was really great to meet up with a lot of my flash community friends. I also met a lot of new cool people which I hope to see again somewhere in conference land ;-).

I hope everybody liked the session, feel free to give some feedback and cu all soon!


5 responses to “FITC Amsterdam 2011 was great!

  1. Fernando Colaco 12 March , 2011 at 10:02 am

    FITC Amsterdam was indeed great and your session rocked! Great one from you and Wouter.
    I will definitely mess with your Kinect framework/wrapper as soon as I find some time.

    And by the way, thanks for the “Flash train” intermissions in the ActionScriptHero street interviews (coming soon) 🙂


  2. Driezzz 12 March , 2011 at 3:30 pm

    Nice review, your session was one of the funniest i’ve seen 🙂

    Had also a great time at FITC, learned a lot and got loads of inspiration.
    Nice party at Jimmy Woo’s 🙂
    I noticed you were a bit nervous, but it was fun, i enjoyed it!

    And i want to play that shooting game with the Ipads!!!


  3. Roel Decoene 13 March , 2011 at 6:12 pm

    This was my first FITC experience ever and i liked it… A LOT. Some of the sessions were very inspiring. The session you guys did was definitely one of those. After I saw your session I directly wanted to try out all the cool stuf you can do with smartphones and tabs. Just to bad I haven’t got any of these (yet).
    Other inspiring sessions were almost all sessions in the Voodoo lounge.
    I would love to go to lots of such conferences. But thats hard to combine with the studies.

    Nevertheless, next stop is MultiMania. Can’t wait. Good luck with the orginasation!


  4. Stef 22 March , 2011 at 7:25 pm

    Your link on the page #41 of the presentation ( ) does not work! 😦

  5. jacklynhenson24448 8 April , 2016 at 11:40 am

    Is that really will solve the problem? or just turn your problem as mine..ha…hah..just kidding… Come on

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