Design for Persuasion, october 1st, Brussels

To succeed in business today, you must use digital media. You must harness the power of web sites, social networks, and online video.

With digital media you can win new customers, build trust, & increase loyalty. Yes, new technology can help you achieve your goals.

That’s why we created Design for Persuasion: To help you succeed in the new world of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter — and whatever comes next.

At this one-day event, you will learn what persuades people. But that’s not all. You will learn how to influence with digital media — change people’s attitudes, emotions, and behaviors.

In short talks and interactive panels, experts will share the best insights about psychology and new technology. These are big ideas, but the event is practical; you can immediately apply what you learn.

Speakers include BJ Fogg (stanford university), Christel De Maeyer (Technical University West-Flanders), Amy Shuen, Bart De Waele, Steven Verbruggen,… and many more !

If you want to know more about this unique conference, make sure to check

Hope to see you there !


One response to “Design for Persuasion, october 1st, Brussels

  1. Flex Boy 8 October , 2009 at 9:58 pm

    [flexcoders] NFC (Near Field Communication) API in FlashPlayer 10.1
    Vote for this !!

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