Adobe UserGroup Meeting + BBQ

It’s becoming a tradition, every year in september the AUG Belgium organises an inspirational event and a BBQ afterwards. This year the magic is all going to happen on September 12th. This meeting is powered and hosted by Combell, your host on the internet !

This meeting will focus on Flash and ActionScript and speakers this year are : David Lenaerts , Seb Lee-Delisle and Niqui Merret.

The schedule looks like this:

16:15 : Welcome

16:30 – 17:15 : Off the beaten path (David Lenaerts)

In this session, David will walk through some of the experiments and projects he has done over the past year while elaborating on the concepts behind them. Without getting too technical, he will explain his motives, his love affair with Pixel Bender and the big looming question: “Mmkay, but what’s the use?”. Using experimentation as the main thread, he will try to show how going off the beaten path can take you to sweet little places you didn’t expect, and finally, offer a sneak-peak at some of the more useful projects I ended up doing as a result.

17:45 – 18:30 : bug squashing in foreign environments (Niqui Merret)

She was the point man for Bugfixers XXIV Flash Corps and had been leading the line since God knows when. She knew well that in the jungle of other people’s ActionScript the canopy is so thick that the light only filters through in pale shafts. She took a step forward, the muddy nook sloshed against her thighs. Forgotten slicks of AS2 napalm drifted across the surface, burning fresh sores into old wounds. Malarial clouds of timeline Cong Moui swarmed and bit.

Flash bugs – Charlies, Vietcong, whatever you wanted to call them – she could smell them coming. She showed a flat palm to the slack man behind and the whole line came silently to a halt. She’d been through so many old FLA’s and undocumented hacky AS Classes, that everyone knew they could trust her implicitly. She knew Charlie like he was family and nothing was going FUBAR on her watch.

“Charlie code” she whispered “bites you motherfucking rookies in the ass. But not me, I prioritize, and know enemy code bases inside out. You better listen to me unless you plan on flying home in a body bag. DO NOT hunt Charlie in circles and make sure you document your goddam area for the marines following you up, you understand me newbie? Stick with me and I’ll show you how it’s done.”

A band of Vietcong burst out on the starboard side. “Strike those down” screamed Merret, and turned her Tommy on the Bugs.

18:45 – 19:30 : Work / Play (Seb Lee-Delisle)

Seb shares his experience on the Papervision3D team and as head geek at Plug-in Media putting the fun back into digital, whether through Flash games, projects that involve the wider digital community, or public art installations (like the interactive digital fireworks). For more information about Seb and his work see and

19:30 – … BBQ and drinks !

I am really looking forward to it and hope to meet you all there for a really great event ! REGISTER NOW HERE


One response to “Adobe UserGroup Meeting + BBQ

  1. Innovation strategy 5 October , 2009 at 6:56 am

    Sound like a very great concept. It should attract very interesting people, maybe I will attend to this meeting + bbq.

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