Multi-Mania 09 – FREE multimedia conference in Kortrijk, Belgium !

If you are living in Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands,… Europe ,  this is a conference you do not want to miss ! Multi-Mania is Europe’s biggest FREE multimedia fest !

Focus for the conference is multimedia and web, that means video, audio, web development, web design, 3D, game development,… etc

There are workshops on Monday 18th (almost sold out) and sessions on Tuesday the 19th of May. The venue for Multi-Mania (2M09) is located in the nice  city of Kortrijk, in the middle of Europe.

There are ore than 40 fantastique national and international speakers scheduled for the event : Aral Balkan (UK), Rob Chiu (UK), Ben Lucas Boysen (DE), André Michelle (DE), Thomas Joos (BE), Scott Janousek (USA), Marc Canter (USA), Sakri Rosenstrom (BE), Rob Bateman (UK), Jason Levine (USA), Paul Burnett (USA), Enrique Duvos (ES), Serge Jespers (BE),  Mike Van Cleeven(BE), Kurt Augustyns (BE), Paul Chambers (BE), …

There are also showcases by companies like HANAZUKI, ONESIZE, ACHTUNG!, LARIAN STUDIOS, …

Multi-Mania 2009

Multi-Mania 2009

There is also a special track around Entrepreneurship and game development with panel discussions, workshop on how to start your own company, showcase young talent,…

Next to all those sessions, in the evening Multi-Mania also has an awardshow where you can see all the upcoming talents …The day ends with a great party till the late hours!!

At the moment, almost 1000 people are already registered, so if you also want to be part of this cool event, sign up as fast as possible and reserve your seat at

Cu all there folks , 2M09 will ROCK !!


One response to “Multi-Mania 09 – FREE multimedia conference in Kortrijk, Belgium !

  1. besten apps 19 April , 2010 at 7:11 pm

    also in 2010??
    sad i missed it in 09

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