Play With Vectors in Flash CS4 ! – Presentation Online

I am having crazy times here at the FITC conference in Amsterdam at the moment. Shawn and his team again are doing a great job! Congrats guys ! I just did with my talk “Play With Vectors in Flash CS4“. To give you an idea where this talk was about: here is the official sesson description:

“When people hear the word “vector” most of them immediately think of mathematical equations, to represent images in computer graphics. But it is not only that where this technical-creative session will focus on. In this session Koen also will explain in great depth how you can get the most out of the new Vector type in Flash CS4. From graphics vector data to 3D matrix transformations and lots more. Fasten your seatbelt for a round trip with “Mr. Vector” in an inspirational hour full of vector madness and fun! ”

So it was indeed a technical session where I explained where you can use the Vector data type in Flash CS4. I focussed on two domains where the Vector data type is used: 3D matrix transformations and the Advanced Drawing Api.

Here is the presentation:

For the people that were at the session, there was 1 demo that for some reason didn’t work correctly but there is a working version in the session files. This demo was showing the perspective correction on the bitmapfill on a plane made by two triangles. If you move the mouse horizontally or vertically you can experience the distortion of the vertices and the material in the according way. Here is a screenshot of the demo:

Demo with perspective correction on the webcam.

Demo with perspective correction on the webcam.

You can download this and all the other demo source files at Adobe Share by clicking HERE.

I also showed a little  FXG  parser I am working on, the source is included in the downloads but is more or less not documented :-(. But I will explain more about the parser in a next post in the upcoming hours/days 🙂

Hope everybody enjoyed the session and if you are here at FITC Amsterdam, let’s have a beer together during the party this evening !

happy coding!


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