Let’s vote for Thomas Joos: MAX Awards Viewers Choice !

The Rock Werchter Mobile Guide, developed by Thomas Joos and the folks at Boulevart and Barefoot is  selected as an Award Finalist entry for the Adobe Max Milan 2008 Awards in the ”Develop” category.

They ported a Flash Lite application to run natively on an IPhone, offering users multi-touch screens, google maps, and other intuitive tools for finding information about the popular Roch Werchter music festival.

The powerful mobile application was creating using Adobe Flash Lite ;-).

Because Thomas is one of my ex-students in the Technical University of West-Flanders I really want to support him by asking everyone to vote on this really cool mobile application he developed.You can vote for the application by filling in the form HERE before Decembre 2th.

Thomas his collegue Wim Vanhenden even promised to cut of his hair when Thomas wins the award 🙂 I am really looking forward to see that, so please vote vote vote…:-)

In this video you can see the application:

[EDIT] Thomas JOOS has won the award !! Congrats to Thomas and the folks at the Boulevart team !


One response to “Let’s vote for Thomas Joos: MAX Awards Viewers Choice !

  1. vilebody 1 December , 2008 at 7:25 pm

    Thanks for the support Koen! Greets from Milan, see you soon!

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