Flash On The Beach MIAMI 09 – Site online !!

Flash On The Beach MIAMI – south beach baby !!

John Davey already announced it on Flash On The Beach 08 a few weeks back that there would be a MIAMI edition in 2009. All the people who already have been to a FOTB conference in the last three years will confirm that this is the one of the best conferences on the planet. It is a really must-go-to conference! And just to make sure… it is not only about Flash: there is Flash, Flex, AIR, and then also some Photoshop, After Effects, Processing,… So actually everybody who is busy in the web business will find some sessions that you will like 😉

John knows how to throw a party in the evenings and the legendary inspired sessions are going to rock at South Beach, believe me! Here you see a picture off some totally random party people at FOTB08 in Brighton …

Totally random party people at Flash on the Beach 2008

Picture taken by James Bjerkholt

At FOTBM09 you can expect almost 50 speakers from all over the world in three days!!  At the moment there are already some really cool speakers announced: Brendan Dawes, Craig Swann, Hoss Gifford, Rich Shupe, Robert Reinhardt, Seb Lee-Delisle, Branden Hall, Mario Klingemann, Dr. Woohoo!, Mike Jones, Robert Hodgin, Carlos Ulloa, Lisa Larson, Rob Chiu, Carlo Blatz, Carla Diana, Andre Michelle, Lee Brimelow, Jer Thorp, Julian Dolce,   Joa Ebert, Ralph Hauwert and a lot more to come so stay tuned and watch http://www.flashonthebeach.com at least twice a week 😉

I will also doing a session at FOTBM09 and I am extremely happy to be part of it because it is always so much fun and you meet so many interesting people!

If you are curious when tickets will go on sale for FOTBM09, well you can expect the tickets to go on sale in november. Be there in time because as always tickets will go extremely fast !

Really looking forward to meet a lot of people in Miami, cu all there folks in april 2009…. still 22 weeks to go 😉 !


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