Next Meeting AUG BELGIUM announced !

The next meeting of the AUG Belgium is announced; it will be at November 4th and is called ‘Inspiring Tuesday’.

The location for this event is again the Zebrastraat in Ghent.

As always this event is FREE of charge, but seats are limited so make sure to register and reserver your seat. REGISTER NOW

I am of course going, so hope to see you all there !


Wim Vanhenden ROCKS !

Wim Vanhenden [BLOG ]

Born in the late seventies, Wim Vanhenden is a child of the first generation that grows up with a personal computer in the living room.
He was raised in a creative family:
his father owned an art gallery and teaches painting, his mother is a ceramic artist and his sister is a graphic designer, he himself has always been more attracted to computers than to a painter’s canvas.

In the mid eighties he started drawing his first experiments in BASIC on his Tandy TRS-80 Coco II home computer.
From that moment onwards, life without computers is unthinkable for him. Wim Vanhenden works as a multimedia developer at Belgian based agency Boulevart .

His art has been exhibited at The Guesthouse in Antwerp, Bozar in Brussels, ActionFields in Brussels and Nokia Trends Lab in London.

Valentijn Destoop ROCKS !

Valentijn Destoop [WEB ]

Valentijn is design director at These Days , a contemporary communications agency part of the Wundermann network. His function is the oversee the design workflow, initiate and stimulate creative ideas. His work is a combination of strong design, focus on quality and managing the interactive process. He works for clients like Nokia, Sony Music, Coca Cola, Dieteren, SN Brussels, Proximus,…

When Valentijn is not working for These Days, he also do his own design projects. You can find some of his work at .

Valentijn’s work already appeared in several publications like Tashen’s Web design portfolios, Epica Europe’s Best Advertising (Twenty one), DZone Cover designsn…


Hans Van de Velde [ONE AGENCY ] – Koen Vanderstraeten [ARISTOMUSIC ]

Just image you have your own radio: a channel that creates a playlists based on your wishes. With two or three simple choices you will be provided with a complete personalised radio channel, with non-stop music. Sounds too good to be true? In fact, this is exactly what One Agency and Aristomusic have done. The are building several online and offline music players that meets your wishes, emotions and atmosphere, for any situation. Hans and Koen will provide you with a look behind the scenes of all this cool stuff.

More information about the event, you can find at the website !


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