Announcing “Meet The GURU” AIR course in London !

I am very glad to announce you the launch of the Meet The Guru Training course on ADOBE AIR 1.1. The official title for the course I will teach is…

Developing desktop applications with Adobe AIR 1.1, Ajax and Flex:

This course will take place in London at 27-30 of October. The course will be 4 consecutive lessons from Monday to Thursday and each lesson has a duration of 6 hours !!

I am really looking forward to this course actually and as you can see on the badge on the left side of this site I am giving away a promotional code. If you use that promotional code during the registration phase, you will have a 5% discount on the course :-).

Let’s have a look at the training objectives:

“This course introduces the participants to the development of Rich Applications with Adobe AIR using its capacity to be able to access the File System, to modify the Windows of the system, to be able to make it function even in offline mode and to use the notification mechanism of the operative system.”

Location of the course: London, Lafone House, The Leathermarket – Weston Street

You can find the whole programme for this course HERE and if you immediately want to register for this course  go HERE !

Hope to see a lot of people at the course and do not forget to use the promotional code (see badge on the left).


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