O’Reilly AIR Cookbook and community involvement

There are a couple of great new resources for new or aspiring AIR developers: the online AIR Cookbook and the upcoming AIR Cookbook published by O’Reilly which will be coming out later this year. The great thing with both of these resources is that they both need community involvement!

The Online Cookbook – The online AIR Cookbook is a great way to contribute information that will be useful to the entire AIR development community. You can submit solutions to common problems – and even learn from the entries submitted by other community entries.

Online AIR Cookbook Information

The O’Reilly AIR Cookbook – I am happy to announce that I am one of the authors for the print version of the AIR Cookbook. David Tucker (lead) , Rich Tretola as well as Marco Casario are the other authors that are involved in the project.

If you would like to have your cookbook entry considered for the O’Reilly AIR Cookbook, simply opt-in to the O’Reilly option when you submit your entry to the online AIR cookbook. This will let the authors know that you want your submission considered. If if fits into the scope for the book – you might be contacted by them – and have your entry (and your name) included in the print version for the book !

There are some specific items that we are looking for:

Share your knowledge. We’re looking for new and original solutions and work-arounds to common coding problems related to building Flex, Flash, or HTML/Ajax-based apps on Adobe AIR. If you have a solution related to the following or any other topic related to building on AIR: Bridging content from different security sandboxes Using transactions with queries Including a database in an AIR application Consuming eBay Web Services Reading and writing data from a file Making creative use of the Service Monitor Framework …be sure to post it to the AIR cookbook for a chance to have your solution appear in the upcoming Adobe AIR Cookbook to be published by O’Reilly. All posts will receive equal consideration.

We are looking for some entries within the next few weeks – so be sure to get to writing and submit your entry. The most up to date list of the specific items we are looking for can be found at David Tuckers site.

Get Started!


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