Ready to leave Belgium for Flashbelt 08 !!

Ooops I get a Delta airlines reminder that I have to leave in about 10 hours. This means that Flashbelt 08 is coming closer 🙂 I am really looking forward to this conference. Flashbelt has a really impressive speakers list and I am very happy to be part of it this year. The speakers list include: Mark Anders (Senior Principal Scientist at Adobe), Richard Galvan (technical product manager for Flash at Adobe ), Erik Natzke, Mario Klingemann, Robert Hodgin, Andre Michelle, Craig Swann, Jared Tarbell, and many many more…

Flashbelt 08 brings together new media designers, developers and enthusiasts to share knowledge, inspiration and build community. Dave Schroeder is doing a really great job organizing this conference every year again… congrats Dave !

My session (“Play with Pixels”) will be at Monday 2.45 PM … and I will try to look as I am awake 🙂

My schedule for the conference looks like this:

Monday June 9th :

– Adobe Keynote with Mark Anders

Moses Gunesch – Making animation tools to go

Tali Krakowski – Science and fiction of experience design

T Scott Major – Keep it simple, stupid


Jared Tarbell – The Circle

–> geeks go wild @ the AFTER PARTY — part 1!!

Tuesday June 10th :

Richard Galvan – Flash and the future

Mario Klingemann – The Pixel Whisperer

Danny Patterson – Air Distribution + installation strategies

Seb Lee-Delisle – Particles

Paul Ortchanian – Stop diving head on

Erik Natzke – Beyond the knowledge

–> geeks go wild @ the AFTER PARTY —part 2!!

Wednesday June 11th :

Philip Van Allen – The new ecology of things

Space150 – Use Flash, skip deal with Devil

Craig Swann – Poop on your OOP

Sam Pastel – Saffron

Justin Everett-Church – Flash player 10

Robert Hodgin – Breaking away

–> geeks go wild @ the AFTER PARTY — part 3!!

If you are coming to Flashbelt do not hesitate to say hi 😉

Cu all in Minneapolis !


One response to “Ready to leave Belgium for Flashbelt 08 !!

  1. 办公家具 18 November , 2008 at 4:00 am

    good thanks a lot. perfect!

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