Multi-Mania 08 mobile guide and small schedule change !

This is great news … The attendees of MULTI-MANIA (Kortrijk -Belgium) will be able to access the full 2M08 event schedule (and much more…) on MOBILE thanks to developer Thomas Joos (Belgium). Thomas is one of our multimedia students , doing his internship at Boulevart. The mobile application is made with Adobe® Flash® Lite™ , a powerful runtime engine for mobile and consumer electronics devices.

You can follow Thomas’s blog at

If your phone supports Flash Lite, you can easily get the application here:

I can also announce that we had to cancel one session : the “behind the scenes of Sevenproductions” is cancelled but replaced by “behind the scenes of GRID VFX. Make sure to check out Grid’s site, and have a look at the fantastic work they are doing on the video and postproduction side. We are sure this session will rock, so do not miss their session Friday at 15.00 o clock in the afternoon.

Cu all Friday and do not forget to download the MOBILE GUIDE 😉


One response to “Multi-Mania 08 mobile guide and small schedule change !

  1. vilebody 21 May , 2008 at 10:57 pm

    Hi koen,

    Hope to catch up with you at the party! 🙂

    greets Thomas

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