New Adobe Developer Connection Site is LIVE

The Adobe Developer Connection (ADC) at is the next generation of what you may know as the Adobe Developer Center. It’s a portal to connect developers to technical articles, tutorials, code, documentation, as well as to other developers. By visiting the ADC, developers can learn how to get started with Adobe technologies and find the right resources to advance their projects.


By visiting the ADC, developers can:

  • Find articles, tutorials, downloads and code to help start or advance a project. The ADC enhances delivery of technical content focused on core use cases, including RIAs, website and mobile development, interactive media, and video on the web.
  • Take advantage of the newly enhanced, streamlined search capabilities, improved design, page layout and information architecture as well as a new resource panel to easily find helpful resources, including forums, documentation and bug bases
  • Connect with other developers and community resources.

What I really like in this new version is the ADC IntroNetwork. It’s a way to connect with other developers and designers based on their professional background, skills and personality traits. The ADC introNetwork features an innovative Pin View, which allows users to visualize how close or far away their profiles are from other participants :

ADC introNetwork is cool

Make sure to have a look at .


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