APOLLO LOGOWe have been waiting for it since a few months and finally we can test Apollo ourself. You can download Apollo on the Adobe labs site: Download Apollo.

Apollo is a new cross-platform desktop application runtime. It allows developers to use a number of web technologies to build and deploy Rich Internet Applications to the desktop: Flash, Flex, HTML, PDF, JavaScript,…

In the alpha built some functionality is already included like :

  • Mac en Windows support
  • Application installation
  • File I/O API
  • Windowing API (not complete)
  • HTML within Flash content
  • Actionscript/JavaScript script bridgeing
  • Flex framework support
  • Application icons

What Apollo aims to do

The last years Rich Internet Applications are moved more and more toward desktop like application experiences in the browser. Today the web is a real application development platform that gives us the possibilities to target multiple platforms and operating systems, use relatively high-level programming languages and let users access their applications and data from virtually any Internet connected computer.

But when you deliver those applications via the browser there are some problems:

  • the browser capabilities / usability of the application (orginally made to deliver and display HTML based documents)
  • applications deployed via the browser have there own user interface which often conflicts with the interface of the browser.
  • web security model ==> no access to user machine or no interaction possible with other applications on the user’s computer.
  • web applications are delivered from a server ==> primarily online experience / no consistent development model.
  • differences in browser functionality and APIs.(browser specific code needed).

So that’s where Apollo comes in: a platform that offers the reach and development model of the browser while providing the functionality and richess of a desktop application !

Have fun playing with Apollo 🙂


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