Flash on the beach: very very cool !! (and windy !)

Because I had no time to really post some report (shame on me) during the event, I do it now :-). I can only be very very happy that I could be there, it really was the best conference/event I ever did ! It all started at sunday evening when I was invited to Aral’s private house warming party in Brighton. We played computer games, drunk a lot (and some people even some Belgian Duvel beer!) and at least met a bunch of really cool nice peoples !

The first day of the conference started with Craigs session (and now for something completely different…) and he looked pretty awake ;-). It was an amazing session, just no-nonsense, cool experimental stuff I really like !! 
After that I saw Branden Hall’s session where he was explorating actionscript 3.0. Branden is such an experienced speaker, really enthousiast and he can bring the message to everybody… It was the first time I saw Branden but it tastes like more ;-).

After that I went to Aral Balkan‘s session, Memo to the CEO and It was one of the best sessions I saw. It was actually totally not technical but  just such an interesting topic. One topic he  talked about was agile development methodologys, like extreme programming and working in iterations and I was thinking the whole time: he is soo damn right ! And he tells about it like nobody can do it, so much energy he is giving to the people… just a very good speaker !

The last sessions on the first day was Eric Natzke (Keep interest(ed)). It was like… relaxing and enjoying the showcase. I saw Eric last year on the Spark conference in Amsterdam also and he his work is becoming better and better… every year he is showing such a huge evolution in his work… just wonderfull !

Then it was time to go to the one and only FLUX party Graig Swann was organising that night at the KooKlub. When I was asking our hotel if they knew where the club was located they were saying.. it are actually our neighbours 🙂 Soo that night couldn’t go wrong ! Craig is doing the Flux partys all over the world and I have to say, they are very very well organised and it was just really cool to have it on FOTB to break the ice and met a lot of cool Flash peoples .

The second day started wonderfull by seeing the session of Brendan Dawes. I still remember the Maria Carey syndrome 🙂 If you ever have the chance to meet Brendan or see his session somewhere, make sure to attend because it is sooooo inspiring!

Next to that  Joey Lott was speaking on actionscript 3.0 Design patterns. It seems like he was a bit nervous in the beginning but I think that’s normal when the Dome is fully packed :-). Joey is really good in explaining everything in an simple way so everybody understands!

Ohh I forgot, I went during noon to the Quark session because they now have some tool (read: wizard) to do some Flash animation especially for Quark designers. It was a really bad tool they showed… it was like everything was embedded in the SWF and it was just a wizard users have to follow to make some totally not creative standard animations… Everybody who attended got a free fully copy of the product so I am really happy that I finally can experience Ebay …

Next thing I saw was Rich Shupe’s (Vecmaps and Bitters) session and I must say I was not really happy when the session was done. He gave like a beginners session on blendmodes and the coolest stuff he even did not explained. Especially because I am busy myself  a lot with image manipulation … I had great expectations to see something more advanced 😦 . So people can finally get enthousiast to start experimenting with the API. I was better gone to Jeremy’s session on Ajax which I hearded so many good comments… pitty me :-(.

Keith Peters was the next speaker. A person I really like of what he is doing for the community. He session was not very technical but very amusing. It was on actionscript 3.0 for animation and he showed in the last quarter a few really cool things which he was maybe  better started a quarter earlier if it depends on me.

The last track for the second day was really difficult to choose… I really wanted to see them all :-(. Richard Legett was talking about Flash Lite, Francis  Bourre about game programming and Hillman curtis about video. As you know “when you choose, you always loose”.. I went to the last one. I was a little bit tired  so felt like just wanting to see some showcase !

The second day in the evening it was the official Flash on the beach Main party. Mike Downey from ADOBE opened the party which was actually also a Flash 8 Birthday party. (my second one actually 🙂 ). The party was at the Honey club in Brighton and it was a great location but sometimes the music really sucked… but after a few beers you do not hear it anymore… actually we ended all on stage together with almost every speaker and we had a great time ! Mario Klingemann, Eric Natzke, Graig Swann, Brendan Dawes, …. everybody was just having fun and offcourse sending the FLASH vibe out to the community which we all love (i think) !! Actually the clubs seem to close very early in the UK and at a given time we heared the last song. No problem, we went to the hotel bar and had even much greater fun over there :-).

The next day was hard… especially because it was.. let’s say “very late” the evening before.. so It was sooo pitty for me that I couldn’t see Niqui’s session (maybe in bikini, i do not remember 😦 ) on usability. Everybody was telling me that I was such a great session. Actually I really  like Niqui because she wants more girls on Flash conferences and that ‘s good for me so I maybe find a cool (flashy) girlfriend more easy:-).

After lunch I saw Hoss Gifford‘s session (“creative evolution, behind the scenes“). Hoss is such an entertaining speaker… I have no words for it. He was like using his touchpad to give a Flash girl the ultimate experience :-). I you have to chance to see him ones , just do it !

Next was Peter Elst who was giving a wonderfull session on JSFL which can make your workflow so much easier and at least a lot Faster. Peter showed real time blogging from the Flash IDE which is soooo cool !! I have to dive a bit more in JSFL the next coming weeks because I want a few cool things, I have some ideas 😉

Last but totally not least was the one and only… Mario Klingemann giving his Mashup Baby session for the really last time he promised. He has really cool stuff to show and it is always soo inspiring when seeying his session. It was a bit pitty that he could not show the MIDI keyboard input when using his Flash VJ tool but we all got the idea and we really believe it all work properly. I have great expectations towards Mario to see some more great work in the future !

The last night, the last party, and It stared in a local pub and ended actually in the hotel bar… I had some wonderfull time just having fun with aral, niqui, edwin,  tink, peter elst, graig swann, eric natzke, mario , Keith peters, Marcos Whescamp, Joey Lott, Brendan Dawes, Brendan Hall,…. really really cool friends which I definitely want to meet again (maybe on Multi-Mania 2007, the free Belgium Multimedia festival, we are organising as you I guess now know:-) !) . I want to thank at least everybody who I met for the wonderfull time I had at FOTB and as I already said I want to see you  all back (…already feeling a bit alone now…) on a next conference. And to John Davey I want to say : YOU ARE GREAT ! You did such a WONDERFULL job, and I definitely want to see you and FOTB again next year !!

FOTB is keeping the flash community lively in Europe and thats what it is all about, a lively community !!!

Looking out for more to come in community world 🙂


4 responses to “Flash on the beach: very very cool !! (and windy !)

  1. Stef Andries 11 December , 2006 at 9:41 am

    Damn damn damn damn damn…

    WHY oh WHY didn’t I make it to FOTB ???

    Shame on me.



  2. dietlev 11 December , 2006 at 1:00 pm

    same here. I really tried to go, but a student’s fee doesn’t allow those conferences ^^. Maybe next year.

    Were there any recordings ? Would love to see some of them in action ^^

  3. Koen 11 December , 2006 at 10:10 pm

    hehe i think they are in some private collection Dietlev 😉
    @stef: next year you should make it and maybe on the next Multi-Mania edition, somthing to look out for 🙂

  4. shaikh 21 December , 2006 at 11:28 am

    it’s very good

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