PLEO is cool, just love it!!

You know the times that Sony came up with the Aibo. Well the Aibo dog was cool but… the PLEO dinosaures is really really soo much cooler. It will be on European market somewhere in December so the ideal Christmas present of you ask me. And also it will be on the market for +- 500 dollar, much cheaper then the Aibo :-).

Pleo has sensors everywhere and behave just like a normal dinosaures (we can not really compare but I believe the developers)… It is just a reall cool pet so if you want to sent me one you can see my address right at your screen 🙂

This is a video when pleo is starting live… soooo cute… the world’s his first live form !

For more information see .


3 responses to “PLEO is cool, just love it!!

  1. jk 25 November , 2006 at 11:34 pm

    in america it will be $200

  2. Koen 26 November , 2006 at 10:13 am

    even better, $200 is a very interesing price 🙂

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