Flash birthday party Belgium was awesome!!

Just back from the Flash Birthday party Belgium and I must say it was really great. It took place in one of Belgiums biggest dance places Carré in a very cosy sweet VIP room. First Peter Elst and Serge Jespers (the wonderfull user groep duo) started with a short introduction. After that Waldo Smeets from Adobe (ex-macromedia) gave some explanation on what the Adobe future wil bring us. First we saw a cool animation video (made by nectarine) on the history of Flash. It was really really cool and will be online very soon they told us, you really must see this movie, it’s soo funny:-)

Waldo showed a demo on the new Apollo runtime. Appolo will give us the power to deliver high end Rich Internet Applications on the desktop.  I hope  first version will be placed on Adobe labs as soon as possible so I can start to make some cool appz  to extend my Programs folder on Windows :-pp (maybe end 2006 or first quarter 2007).

After that the party started and we all started having fun and some drinks sponsored by Adobe! (some censored pictures will follow, hehe :-p, Serge I am curious for the pictures-)  ) AH offcourse there was also a (too) huge birthday cake for our friend Flash !!

[UPDATE] View the pictures made by Serge here.

Thanx to Peter, Serge and Adobe BENELUX for this special and very nice event and looking forward for more to come!!


3 responses to “Flash birthday party Belgium was awesome!!

  1. Serge 8 September , 2006 at 7:07 am

    Glad you enjoyed it! Pictures will follow later today… And I’m not going to censor them 😉

  2. Minty 28 September , 2006 at 12:13 am

    Hey K,

    In case you’re interested, our animation is up at:

    Thanks for the kinds words about it- glad you liked it!

    Minty | Nectarine

  3. Koen 28 September , 2006 at 6:13 am

    Hey Minty, sure I liked it 🙂 You and the other folks at Nectarine did a wonderfull job !!!

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