Getting ready to visit Liverpool

Next week I will be be visiting Liverpool to meet 2 of our students who are at the moment doing their training period abroad in the UK. On tuesday we will visit John Moores University in Liverpool and ICDC. ICDC (International Centre for Digital Content) is part of Liverpool John Moores University and a world leader in digital content solutions. ICDC concentrates not just on new technology, but how it can be applied in new and exciting ways.

On Wednesday we are visiting FACT, the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology. It is the UK's leading organisation for the commissioning and presentation of film, video and new media art forms. FACT exists to inspire and promote the artistic significance of film, video and new and emerging media. I am really looking forward to this visit because they are really doing crazy stuff with multimedia at FACT.

In the time between maybe I hope we will have some time to see Liverpool city and I am sure our students will guide us to the most interesting places :-).


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