Notes from Adobe Fusion Event BENELUX (Brussels)

Today there was in Brussels the fusion event from Adobe (and Macromedia). More or less a year after the first announcement, they came to the community to tell us that their whole product range can be integrated to make some cool stuff. Serge Jespers ( and Ton Frederiks (Adobe) gave a presentation on the integration possibilities.

First A. Smeekens (Adobe) introduces us with some facts, figures and some mission statements from Adobe towards the future:

  • Example : the "BMW mini" site: 30% off sales based on car configurator (in Flash)
  • Adobe and Macromedia want to take the challenge to differentiate.
  • Adobe wants one engaging platform. Pdf (89% penetration) and swf (97% pentration) are the key elements for that platform. (comment: merging in the future ?)
  • Adobe will keep the products brands and build on a huge beta developer community. (
  • What with Freehand, Fireworks, Golive , Flashpaper. ?? ==> support garantueed from Adobe but in future maybe a smooth transition… (comment: some features integrated in other applications in the future??)
  • The technology integration has started already at Adobe but will take some time till we see results.
  • Already (since december) combined packages possible : video bundle, web bundle, design bundle .

After that Serge took the word to talk about the power of Flash. He had some very interesting facts to think about:

  • Flash is very interesting!! (yeah!)
    • media player kicked down:-))
      • skinning, embedding, windows branding :-(((
      • which dodec used ?? hard to target audience.
      • installs stuff you never use.
      • file size. 11 MB
    • real player
      • was impossible to find on site. (now better)
      • file size: 9MB
    • quicktime player
      • branding still there.
      • itunes free with download (we just want tha player!!)
      • file size: 35 MB (with itunes)
    • flash player
      • brand free
      • easy to embed
      • rich interactive video possible (also dynamic information possible)
      • FILE SIZE : 1,3 MB

    Who is still not convinced about the power off the Flash player ??

We saw some examples on embedded video with Flash : Google Video , Youtube, ABC top series, Fox networks, even New York Times !!

After that Serge and Ton showed a few examples on "integrate Adobe products":

Integrate After Effects and Flash:

  • Mostly interesting for Flash Designers. (i think)
  • Add video with embedded Alpha Channel (using chroma keying) to Flash. (ecport from AE to flv file)
  • Make (vectorised) text-effects in After Effects and export to Flash SWF format. After that import to Flash (only a few KB)
  • NOTE: the text effects only stay vectors if all elements can be rendered as vectors (so no smoke, light,… effects). Otherwise they are rendered as bitmaps (> file size).

Integrate Photoshop and Flash:

  • Not use png export images anymore (and update image in Flash when you change something). Just import the PSD file directly in Flash and if you want to change the image just double click on imported PSD file and Photoshop will pop up. Plain and simple as that !Flash also know when an image has changed and will immediately update the image.

Integrate Illustrator and Flash:

  • In illustrator there is the feature BLEND as you already know I guess but also this can be exported directly to swf format. When you combine this eg with a 3D perspective in Illustator, you can make some cool 3D animations moving across your stage in Flash. Also the filesize stays incredible small (vectors).

Integrate Indesign and Flash:

  • When you use XML in Flash to make your content dynamic or to work with different languages on your project you can also use the same XML in Indesign. Indesign can easily read and parse your XML content and you can define some template that you link to your textcontainer. This way you can easily update your brochure and website very easy by just altering one XML file !(if your content on website and brochure is the same)

So that's it, hope you have some idea's to experiment with or maybe you can optimize your workflow a bit πŸ˜‰

I like all the integration stuff actually and going to make some simple examples to show what's possible (i need some time πŸ˜‰ )

happy playing Adobe products!


2 responses to “Notes from Adobe Fusion Event BENELUX (Brussels)

  1. Serge 5 May , 2006 at 9:35 am

    Glad you enjoyed it and got something from it… I really enjoyed presenting this session ’cause I am so excited about all the possibilites the merge between these two companies brings and they’re just getting started!

  2. koen 5 May , 2006 at 4:41 pm

    yeah same feeling. Hungry for more merging stuff πŸ™‚ (eg using spacebar to position shapes in Flash like Photoshop can)

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