Are you dead ? noooo… just having a jetlag :-)

You are right… it has been really quiet last few weeks. I went on a trip with my 100 students to visit Seatlle, Washington, USA. We took a tour at the Microsoft Redmond Campus (see picture below) and had the chance to visit the Microsoft Game Studios. We had a nice talk with a few people developing the XBOX 360 games, XNA platform (yeah i have a build) and the Microsoft Exression product line . I asked if you can export to the SWF format from expression Interaction Designer:-) . I really can't tell more because we had to sign a "non disclosure" paper but wait a few months and you will hear about their plans with the XBOX production line ;-p Maybe I can tell a bit more if you mail me at info at newmovieclip dot com.

I also visited the VALVE headquarters and had a chat with the BIG (take it literally) BOSS. We could ask all questions we wanted πŸ™‚ If you don't know VALVE, they are the founders of the HALVE LIFE game !!!! They are now working with around 120 peoples ! The boss gave us an insight in the "hacker problem" they had to deal with in the last year. A person they call "Alex" from Germany hacked their internal network and stole the source code of their game . The boss asked his users to find Alex and also the FBI did, they know now where Alex lived (DE) because of help from the community. The last thing they know about it is that a women from USA FBI has disappeared together with Alex. The boss is convinced that the USA army is using the game program source to build a army simulation "game". I know it sounds really weird and unbelievable but it are just the bosses words !

I also visited DIGIPEN institute of Technology ( We had a session (Royal Winchester, teacher) about next generation texturing. It was really cool and the message was to develop a low poly model AND a high end poly model. Next step is to use the high-end poly model as a texture for the low-end poly model, really coool…and simple.

Another thing we visited was Seattle Arts Institute ( We had a few of our students presenting their work and also a few students from AIS showing their work. I have to say that our students were REALLY BETTER :). But I also have to say that the facilities atAIS are bigger and better then our at PIH They have nice sound and video studios we don't have 😦 I am jealous

But we also saw the traditional Seatlle 'must see' things… We climbed the Seatlle Space Needle and have taken an underground tour through Seatlle. My house is actually 154 years old and the guide was telling that their oldest building in Seatlle is around 120 years old, I am proud to live in Belgium man and own such an old house :-).

We saw an NBA game: Seatlle Supersonics vs the Houston Rockets ! It was really cool but the coolest thing was that the balloon flying in the stadium dropped me an envelope with in a discount of 10 dollar for the Supersonics store πŸ™‚ WIIIIaaaaaah I was lucky this time πŸ™‚ I bought myself a coffee mug to use at my working place :-)) You know, Coffee drinking is one o my biggest hobbys at my work πŸ™‚ We also saw an American soccer game but that was really boring if you are used to the usual soccer game. The only cool thing was that I met 2 persons from "TEAGUE 80". ( Outside the stadtium I met the Director of Information Technology (Tim Spartz). They build the designs for the BOEING planes. (yeah also the brand new BOEING 787!!!). They are currently looking for designers and also want peoples from Europe to help them build the BEST products. They asked me to work at Teague and yes I am going to send my resume πŸ™‚

We also did a lot of sightseeing and visited the Seattle National Parc. It was wonderfull !!! We did a medium distance trip around West Lake. I was expecting to see a lot of protected animals but we had to be happy with just 3 birts and one squirrel 😦

At last we also went to a looooooooooot of pubs πŸ™‚ I can recommend you the Whisky Bar, NOC NOC club (gothic style), Lusty Lady club (you know what i mean ….) and most important… THE PIKE CLUB (meeting point when everything is closed)!!!!!!! The only thing I know more about it is that's was really coooooool :-)ooooh gosh, this was an awfull trip and I can write a booklet about it but I am just suffering from jetlag now:-(

I have one week vacaton now so tomorrow I just going to relax and I really going to post the session notes and examples about my last post I did!

One thing I really missed was a trip to ADOBE (or MACROMEDIA) at Seattle. They have offices there but their is really nothing to see. We decided to visit SAN FRANCISO, SILICON VALLEY next year instead of Seattle so then I can meet the MACROMEDIA (adobe) peoples !!!! I can't wait to depart :-)))))

now i am going to sleep because I am Sleepless From Seattle (,


KOEN aka

postcard from Microsft visitor centre


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