A few posts ago I talked about referencing the current class to solve the scope problem when using events in Flash.

Another (better) way to solve this problem is using de EventDispatcher class made by Moses Gunesch []. The class makes it easy to scope all automatic callbacks in simple movieclips, buttons, or textfields,when you really need to get the events in the scope you’re in. For instance if the class you’re writing creates a bunch of buttons and needs to handle their events, you can just initialize them and add event listeners to them.You can download the files (with examples) here: callbackdispatcher

targetObj.addEventListener (event:String,handler)
targetObj.removeEventListener (event:String,handler)
targetObj.addEventListeners (events:Array,handler)
targetObj.removeEventListeners (events:Array,handler)

Sample Usage:
var d:Object = mx.utils.Delegate.create(this, handleNavItemEvent);
for (var i=0; i<5; i++) {
var mc:MovieClip = scope.attachMovie('navItem', 'item'+i, i, {id:i});
mc.addEventListeners (['onRollOver','onRollOut', 'onRelease'], d);


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